Mini Projector BR Tech Films

The cheapest and best entertainment projector turn your room into a cinema hall theater room. Watch TV on wall.

BR Tech Films

You must watch this video without skipping, i have covered every detail about this awesome mini projector.
Why use a TV when you can convert your wall into a cinema display. Use this projector for entertainment or any other things you like watch it on big screen.
Deewar pe tv dekho is projector se. ye mini projector hai jo aapko ek acha anukalp deta hai. video me poori information hai. This is a highly portable LED projector. The mini projector is suitable for travelling, outdoor parties, family gatherings and more. Now, you can share your pictures and videos easily with this mini portable projector.

- 100 percent brand new and high quality
  - High efficiency, simple and easy to operate
- Light and portable, easy to take
- Dust-proof design, making you free from daily internal cleaning
- Using 20 thousand hours long life LED lamp, which makes color more abundant and saturant
- Maximum resolution: 1080P for display size of 25 - 80 inches.

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