Build Your Own Smart TV (MINI TV) Easy DIY Project For Home

Hey guys i know many of you think of making a computer i mean build a computer gaming PC etc.
A rare number of people think of building a TV here we are not building it we are arranging parts to make our own mini TV and that too a smart android TV.

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What we need to make our own mini android TV:

1> This is a mini LCD screen used in cars for rear view camera this costs only 1000INR around 14$
this has two video inputs but no audio.

2> You Need an android TV Box you can choose whatever you like
android tv boxes costs around 2000 INR or 25$ we choose the one with android 8 oreo cost us for 3000INR.
Make sure the box you buy has an AV output. ( You Need to buy av to 3.5mm to
rca cable seprately to connect these two together.

3> last not the least is a portable speaker or you can make your own.


How To connect

the TV needs a 12 volt power supply you can use any DC adapter
android box comes with dc adapter all you need is to connect your speakers to android box android box can also be connected to a Bluetooth speaker.

for the TV connection you can use a 305 mm rca av cable.
that"s it its easy and its cool.

Cheapest Smart TV DIY Project cost effective and time saving. you can use this in your car at home and use your mobile hotspot to access your favorite shows on the go.
This is the best DIY Project and the easiest.

Pros: access the internet on this portable screen use Netflix watch YouTube videos Prime videos you can also cast your mobile screen to this because we have the power of android cast.

Hope you like this small and informative article.

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